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Pray for the Philippines

The Philippines is known as the largest Christian nation in Asia. Filipinos are heart-warming, hospitable and cheerful.

Prayer for Singapore

The nation is becoming increasingly materialistic, and many Singaporeans are concerned with pursuing wealth and money.

Pray for Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that is compromised of a multicultural society that is made up of different ethnicities and religions.

Prayer for Japan

Japan is well known as a rich nation, people are wellmannered, and the crime rate is low compared with other countries.

Prayer for the United Kingdom

This week, the United Kingdom has entered a difficult time as over 40 countries have closed their doors to British arrivals after mutant COVID strain was discovered.

Prayer for the USA

In the midst of this world pandemic, every country is suffering and at many different levels.

Pray for Australia

Praise God! November has passed, and with it, the last known local infection in Victoria which was on 31 October.