Follow the Holy Spirit, Growing to be Tree of Life (I)

During Family Breakfast Meeting on the 17th Oct, one bible school student asked Pastor Joshua that after finishing bible school, how they should continue to prepare themselves so as to carry on the vision of 52 years planting trees of life everywhere.

True Light, the Truth and True Feelings (2)

C-mo shared her views on “True Light, the Truth and True Feelings, “I am a genuine person. Therefore whenever I notice any of our curator staff not living out an honest life,

Obedience Before Inspiration

During Sunday Service on 25 August, Pastor Joshua expounded on the core value ‘Obedience before Inspiration’:

Launching a Blessed Marriage Mode

How to have a happier and more blessed marriage? Let us hear Pastor Joshua’s sharing during the service on 4 August –

Receive the Peace of “I am the Lord”

Hark and treasure in heart the Ten Commandments, living water flows from within, despite any harsh circumstances, diminishes not the peace of “I AM”!

Live out Love, Pray for Hong Kong (2)

Continued from last week, Pastor Anna taught cell leaders how to disciple cell members in light of the current situation in Hong Kong: If any cell member expresses any opinions, in a seemingly emotional state on cell group chat room, may it be political or not, cell leader must take back the right to speak in the group and state his stance. Being the spiritual parent of the cell group, he shall never remain silent. If he does, the emotionally stirred cell member will keep on talking while others may be uninterested. Everyone is unique with different upbringing and minds. […]

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