Saturday Service Time: 11am~01pm
Cell Group Time: 11am~01pm Alternation

Sunday Service Time: 11am~01pm
Cell Group Time: 2:30pm~4:30pm

How to Use the Translation Device


Apple users please download BeONAIR Listener. Android users please download BeONAIR Corporate Client.

APPS Download Location:

Please download the BeONAIR apps before logging in church wifi: “611Translation”. (Once logged in the “611Translation” wifi, online apps cannot be downloaded.)


  1. Wifi “Translation”, password: allnations
  2. Password for receiving translation: 611

Once logged in the translation system, the Internet cannot be connected and you will receive translation only. If disruption occurs while receiving translation, please log out and then log in again.

Some Mi, Huawei, Asus mobile phones might not support the translation system. If your mobile phone cannot access the system, you may borrow a translation device at the reception.

You need an earphone to receive the translation. If you need to buy an earphone, the cost is HK$20 each at the reception. Free offering is welcome.