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Mama’s Kitchen

A Glorious Team of C-Mos

Being a C-Mo with Papa & Mama at 611 Bread of Life Church is a glory. C-Mo is a mother, not a boss, who sends nourishment, breath (vibe), and love.

Mama! How can we thrive without you?

What would the church atmosphere be like if there were only single dads? A group of pastor dads cries to their wives: “How can we, as single dads and the church, thrive without you?”

Sleepless Night on the High-Speed Rail

C-Mo Delphine and her coworkers from the Olive Bookshop in Hong Kong embarked on an overnight high-speed rail journey to Shanghai.

Heavenly Kingdom Ministry of Love Army

The Heavenly Kingdom Ministry not only comforts the grieving families but also brings many households into God’s family through visitation, allowing them to experience God’s love and hope together!

Host South African Family

C-Mo Delphine led a group of Levite teachers to purchase ingredients and lovingly hosted the South African family.

A wonderful journey of connections

In Rwanda, there is a school with an educational philosophy remarkably similar to the vision of 611 (Bread of Life Church), and even the teachers can speak Chinese.

Embracing God’s Creation

Levite Teachers are in Awe: Penguins, Zebras, Buffalos, Gorillas, Giraffes, and Owls are all here!

The Speaking Eyes

Beside a coffee shop in Rwanda, the Levite Teacher Team encountered a young artist.

Breaking Out of Hong Kong

With a South African couple answering the call to come to Hong Kong, Pastor Joshua and C-Mo Delphine, along with a group of Levite teachers, embarked on a journey to connect Asia and Africa!

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