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An apple receiver

C-Mo talks about the second aspect of discipleship: an apple receiver. One must believe that the authority’s motive is based on love.

The Calling of a Levite-teacher

As our church has entered its 22nd year and the Tree of Life is growing and maturing, God is leading us into a new stage – even a new realm – the Tree of Life education.

Grafted to the tree of life

In order for a cell leader to disciple his cell members, he must start with building relationships: building love and trust.

Tree of Life Education

Thank God for having been leading us through 21 years and keeping the Tree of Life growing. This year God has prompted us to further nurture Tree of Life education.

Embracing the Second Helper

It has proved again that a glorious church begins with couples’ relationship and the senior pastor needs his wife’s help.

The exclusive vineyard

The bride in the “Song of Songs” had her own vineyard where she met with her lover, an exclusive private area. Do we have such an exclusive vineyard too?

The Father of Many

Last month, I turned 68. Co-workers celebrated for me at the family breakfast meeting which was an absolute joy. To which I am pleased and grateful.

Surviving and Living (II)

If one is not living a life, everything he does is about DOING. C-Mo Delphine, joined by her disciples Deborah and Daisy shared in depth the differences between living and surviving.

Entering the Flow of Discipleship

It happened that the last song of Songs talked about the bride rising up to disciple. Then we know that it is God who has been leading us from the Song of Songs to discipleship.

Surviving and Living (I)

Are we packed with things to do, goal-minded, lead a fast-moving life, struggle to slow down to enjoy our environment everyday?

Following God regardless of Age

I am deeply grateful that after Sukkot our basketball team w on the championship league for the third time in Division One of the Hong Kong Church Friendship Cup Competition on October 23.

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