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Following God

New Wine in New Wineskins

611 is a Spirit-renewed church. The Holy Spirit keeps pouring down like new wine and transforms life one after another. It is amazing and drawing those who have longing to come.

Love and Trust in Singapore and Malaysia

C-Mo and I led a team of 28 co-workers to Malaysia again last week to have a retreat with 35 pastors of our 12 branch churches in Singapore and Malaysia to connect and align with them.

New Wine Flowing Planting in all Nations

Thank God that we have just celebrated our 23rd Anniversary in the flow of the new wine. We were met with one climax after another in the six services over the three days.

Thanksgiving on the 10th Year of the Mercy Seat

It’s been ten years since the opening of the Mercy Seat and it is a great gift from God. Every time I worship there, I am filled with gratitude as we are so unworthy of all these blessings.

God’s Help for Joshua

Thank God that when our church was facing battles, my spiritual parents Pastor Nathaniel Chow and his wife,

Planting Trees of Life across Cultures

The 15-day African trip last month was an eye-opening experience for us as it has not only broadened our knowledge of the African culture,

Planting Trees of Life in Africa

At the beginning of March, C-Mo and I led the Levite-teacher team to set foot in Africa for the first time, embarking on a field trip.

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