MG12 is the abbreviation of Mega12 Cell Group Leader / Structure.
To establish Mega12 cell groups in the marketplace and the church. The setting up of these cell groups are based on the principle of Isaiah 61:1 and the model of G12.

G12 is a disciple system (A group of 12 in a cell group) and is also known as disciple group or leadership cell group. In principle the size of the group consist of 12 people.

Apart from evangelising, building up relationships and nurturing the spiritual life of the cell group members, the most important thing is to allow the cell group members to become disciples of the Lord; and the disciples will establish their own group of disciples, conduct discipleship training so that the great commission of the Lord can be fulfilled.

611 Bread of Life Church is a church fully committed to the concept of G12 cell group leader.

We are looking forward to “Everybody joins a cell group and everybody becomes a cell group leader”.