Morning Devotions

* Morning Devotion(Tuesday to Friday 7-9am)


Following God

Welcoming the Harvests
With Morning Devotion marching on to the book of Acts, we are likewise marching on to the big harvest of souls in the coming revival. Read more

Mama's Kitchen

Take root deeply
He delights in changes while she longs for stability. Cold war started soon after marriage... Read more

ANEW Sermon

Stepping into a new land
Scriptures: Joshua 4:1-24
Preacher: Pastor Ruby Kwok Read more


The Key of Living out Life’s Nature is on Relationship
How can we balance “Being” and “Doing” in our lives in a healthy way? Read more


Impossible River, Incredible Wonder
Praise God, ANEW has turned 9 years old! What a joyous celebration we had! With the theme of “Joshua Generation”, the brothers and sisters were greatly blessed, and encouraged to cross over the Jordan river! Read more

Mama's Living Room

The mode of Tree of Life
Being brought up differently, how do we find common ground after marriage as we are under one roof? Let's hear the wisdom of C-Mo on her home-visit Read more

Seer Sees

The joy and tears of the seer|EP12
In this last episode (oh no... we will be missing it dearly). The seer shared with us her joy and struggle (very moving sharing) Read more



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