Morning Devotions

  • 13/07 (Mon) Proverbs 31
  • 14/07 (Tue) Psalms 79
  • 15/07 (Wed) Psalms 80
  • 16/07 (Thu) Psalms 81
  • 17/07 (Fri) Psalms 82
  • 18/07 (Sat) Psalms 83
* Morning Devotion(Tuesday to Friday 7-9am)


ANEW Sermon

Long for the Kingdom of God
Scripture: Matthew Mt 22:1-14
Preacher: Stella Ho Read more

Following God

A Song of Life
Last Sunday, C-Mo and I shared the message on Psalm 113:“A Song of Life.” A drama was shown of some moments from my younger days Read more

Mama's Kitchen

Leather Apron for Mother’s Day
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Seer Sees

Seer Sees|Episode 5
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MG12 Discipleship Column

More Love, More Trust: Start with Appreciating People’s Being (2)
As continued from last issue, C-Mo shared how to build love and trust with others in the monthly prayer meeting on 4 June Read more


At Pentecost: We Present Thanksgiving Offering On-site and Online With Branch Churches
Last week (31 May 2020), the worship services were opened to cell leaders. Read more