Morning Devotions

  • 20/01 (Mon) Proverbs 22
  • 21/01 (Tue) 1 Timothy 5
  • 22/01 (Wed) 1 Timothy 6
  • 23/01 (Thu) Psalms 47
  • 24/01 (Fri) Psalms 48
  • 25/01 (Sat) Psalms 49
* Morning Devotion(Tuesday to Friday 7-9am)


Senior Pastor's Note

2020 Family Upgrade 2.0
At the end of 2019, the Father of “Ling Leung” family, Pastor Nathaniel Chow came and blessed 611 with the message that we shall upgrade in all areas with a thankful heart. Read more

The Heart of CMo

The “two as one” Spiritual Sculptor
While Pastor Joshua and I were in Europe, from the life of Michelangelo we received an extremely important message. Read more

ANEW Sermon

Seeing 2020
Psalm 20
Preacher: Pastor Ruby Kwok
1. Pray fervently and ask God to see v.1-5
2. Full of faith we can see v.6-9 Read more

MG12 Discipleship Column

Stream of Prayer
Entering 2020, the first message I shared at the first Sunday service was titled “Seeing 2020”. Psalm 20 tells us that God “sees” us and answers our cries, so we should rise up and pray. Read more


Expository Preaching Class Correctly Handling the Word of Truth
Pastor Joshua taught yearly “Expository Preaching” Course in the day-time Bible School. Read more