Dear Brothers and sisters, considering the continuous spread of COVID-19, to avoid the possible spreading the virus during gatherings, all the church venues starting from this Saturday, 15 February, 2020, will be temporarily closed, details are as follows:

All Worship Services –

  • Saturday ANEW Worship Service and Sunday Worship Service will be online. We invite the congregation to stay home and worship online;
  • Children Church Worship Service will be online. We invite parents to accompany their children to watch at home and worship together;
  • Youth Worship Service will be online. We invite the youth congregation to watch online at home;
  • FN Worship Service will be online. We invite the congregation to watch online at home;
  • Other services will be suspended until further notice, including Hallelujah Worship Service on Friday, the Abundant 120 Worship Service and New Wine Service on Saturday.

Morning Devotion –

  • Morning devotion will be uploaded on 611 website “Morning devotion” before 12pm Tuesday to Friday. Let’s all hear and receive the Word of God.

Prayer Meeting –

  • Prayer meeting shall be held every Tuesday to Friday with live broadcast. We invite the congregation to stay home, worship and pray together:
    Morning devotion live broadcast: 08:00-09:30
    Night time prayer live broadcast: 19:00-20:00
  • 40-days fasting and prayer will be updated daily (please click here)
  • 247 Big Fish Room will not be opened to the public until further notice

Cell Group –

  • As the church venue will not be opened, online cell meeting is recommended.

Children Church and Youth Zone –

  • 13/3 (Fri) – 15/3 (Sun) The Purim Children Drama is suspended
  • Children Church Playgroup is suspended until further notice;
  • Children Harp Class is suspended until further notice;
  • Tree of Life Kindergarten is suspended until 16/3 (Mon) per Education Bureau announcement;
  • Youth Daniel Project is suspended until 16/3 (Mon) per Education Bureau announcement;
  • H Cube Self-study Room is suspended until further notice.

Membership Ceremony and Baptism –

  • Membership Ceremony on 1/3 (Sun) and Baptism on 15/3 (Sun) is postponed until further notice.

Equipping Centre and HISCO Courses –

  • Cell Leader Basic Training on 16/2 and 23/2 (Sun) will be changed to online; other courses are postponed until further notice.

Morning Devotions

* Morning Devotion(Tuesday to Friday 7-9am)


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