Morning Devotions

  • 21/09 (Mon) Proverbs 10
  • 22/09 (Tue) Numbers 17
  • 23/09 (Wed) Numbers 18
  • 24/09 (Thu) Numbers 19
  • 25/09 (Fri) Numbers 20
  • 26/09 (Sat) Psalms 97
  • 28/09 (Mon) Proverbs 11
  • 29/09 (Tue) Numbers 21
  • 30/09 (Wed) Numbers 22
  • 01/10 (Thu) Numbers 23
  • 02/10 (Fri) Numbers 24
  • 03/10 (Sat) Psalms 98
* Morning Devotion(Tuesday to Friday 7-9am)


Following God

The beginning of a new cycle
This week marks Rosh Hashana 5781, the Jewish New Year. It will be Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement two weeks later, followed by Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles. Read more

Mama's Kitchen

Caveman is a caring guy after all
He found sweet feeling heavy and burdensome? Who has kindled and fanned into flame the passion in an icy heart? Let C-Mo tell us this beautiful and heartwarming story. Read more

ANEW Sermon

Be Content in God
Scriptures: Numbers 11
Preacher: Caleb Liaw Read more

Seer Sees

The joy and tears of the seer|EP12
In this last episode (oh no... we will be missing it dearly). The seer shared with us her joy and struggle (very moving sharing) Read more

Mama's Living Room

The mode of Tree of Life
Being brought up differently, how do we find common ground after marriage as we are under one roof? Let's hear the wisdom of C-Mo on her home-visit Read more


Praise Others’ Being
In the Monthly Prayer Meeting on the 3rd of September, Pastor and C-Mo encouraged us to praise others‘ “Being” more. Read more


At Pentecost: We Present Thanksgiving Offering On-site and Online With Branch Churches
Last week (31 May 2020), the worship services were opened to cell leaders. Read more


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