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True fellowship in Discipleship (2)

Let us hear from Pastor Joshua as he continues to share tips on discipleship:

“A cell leader must build up a good relationship with cell members first before pruning and carving their lives, otherwise the relationship will be disturbed. Lives can only be truly connected if Beings (the genuine and true self) are in fellowship with each other. If the cell leader regards his cell members as ministry (Doing) instead of joining his true self to them in true fellowship, and shows a façade instead of revealing his low points, then conflicts can easily start. In the face of conflict and without having already built up a good relationship, the cell member may leave the cell group.

Therefore, cell leaders shall first deny themselves and love their cell members, establishing relationships with them. With real life connection, cell members can feel that their cell leaders love them and accept them. They will gradually learn to follow. When the time is appropriate, then pruning of their lives can take place.

Cell leaders (and other kinds of leaders) shall never say to those below them, ‘I am the authority, you should listen to me. No one should challenge me.’ As an authority, one should undertake responsibility and shoulder the faults of those below them. A cell leader must shoulder the responsibilities of his cell members, as a husband shoulders the responsibility of the entire family. If cell leaders shoulder responsibility like this, the cell members will respect them. This is discipleship by life.”•[2020.12.06]

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