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Love and Trust bring freedom

Twenty-one years after making the covenant of heaven and earth, Ps Joshua brought his spiritual children to make a covenant,

The blessed Daddy

This Father’s Day, co-workers organized a surprise party for pastor Daddy which was happy and moving.

Under the same roof

What happens when two couples, four people live under the same roof?

A connected life is a content life

MG leader Hadassah, joined by two of her disciples who grew up in church, shared how against all storms and wind, their lives grow as they connect with others.

Changes and Confrontations

“On” was used to be stagnant. But he was infected with COVID soon after getting married, he took the time to reflect on his own life. He then took a step to change after recovery.

Home is where the mother is

Four overseas co-workers share how they settle in this big family of 611, find their Being and restore their lives by the love of C-Mo Mama.

Sense the breath of a mother

Three co-workers of Big Ring department shared how their lives turn more colorful and vibrant after sensing the breath of C-Mo Mama.

It’s good to have mother

The church anniversary is on Mother’s Day. Co-workers are giving thanks for the 611 family because they feel the love, care and discipleship of C-Mo. Their lives are enriched, and blessed and even experiencing breakthroughs.

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