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New Wineskins Worship

After celebrating 20th anniversary, our church is renewed in all areas! There is breakthrough for worship in Sunday services!

Take off! Fly high!

How do the pastor’s kids turn from obedient children to real children? C-Mo shares her visions with her two-generation spiritual children!

Shopping with Mama

What’s C-Mo mama’s idea about shopping? How come she does not over-spend nor under-spend? Let’s hear the sharing of C-Mo and some beautiful wives!

Leave our caves and we see light

When one man repents, his whole household is out of misery! How do we practice it? C-Mo mama had a good talk with us.

Be integrated, be warm

Do you want an intimate couples’ relationship? Do not shy away from confrontation!!

Fly High, My Child!

The kids did the on-stage performance, backstage, sound, light and props of this drama. Let’s hear how the adult masters were defeated.

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