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Discovering BIC

Building upon last week’s topic, how the children of pastors, known as the “next-generation pastors’ children””, navigate the challenges of life and discover BIC (Being, Integration, Connection) by forming authentic and transparent connections.

Be True to Yourself

In the universal church, there are numerous children of pastors who are known as the “next-generation pastors’ children”.

Life Reintegration Enhances Relationship

Our focus at Pastoral Care & Discipleship is to help individuals integrate the truth of God into their lives, leading to stronger relationships with spouses and coworkers.

Joyful Discipleship In Hospitality

Back at home with their hospitality, Pastor Joshua and C-Mo gather their children together just like holding a family reunion. It helps tighten the relationship and establish an authentic life connection amidst joy.

C-Mo arises to be a mother of children

When C-Mo arises and takes up her role, the church will no longer be a spiritual single-parent family. Instead, it is filled with the breath of the Tree of Life and immense joy in this integration.

The explosion of the BEING of drama

The church anniversary drama “Men Return Home” presented the four traits of a man, arousing a great deal of empathy and thought!

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