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From Skit to Symphony

I never like to be a one-man show. It’s like having guests for a meal, but no matter how good they think the food looks and tastes, they just get up and leave at the end.

Let us feast in Mama’s Kitchen!

As the mother of this big church family, I always love to share with my children from the bottom of my heart. Three years ago, I began to pen a series of articles in our weekly bulletin – might it be thanksgiving or stories of what was going on in my daily life. That was my way of sharing my heart with my beloved children.

Jelly Man Turns Defeat into Victory

Ivan Ko, our illustrator, used to be like a Jelly Man, weak and powerless. He could never meet assignment deadlines, making his wife feel frustrated and helpless. This time, he has changed tremendously. Even his wife praised him unceasingly

The Power of Picture Books

Simple pictures always move people’s hearts and voice out with power! Tin Yan has followed haer dream of painting for many years. Although it is not an easy journey, she holds on to it.

ONE Tree of life

An authentic sin confession comes f rom the heart, it is not prearranged nor is it ordered by someone else verbally. Coming from overseas to HongKong, Jinjun has now become our coworker, and she was deeply moved by the whole 611 Family as they confess sin with one heart.

Rejuvenated through games

Recently, we have been discussing how under a relaxing and joyful atmosphere and through playing games, relationship-building and mingling of life shall be made possible. Yet after talking to many co-workers, we realize that the grown-up know not how to play anymore.

360° Womanhood in my family

How thankful we are to have participated in the Taipei 611 Church Dedication Ceremony last month. In faith, they dedicated the church. They shared a lot of thanksgiving because it was a sure miracle beyond man’s ability.

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