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The Ultimate Calling

God created men and women with a profound purpose: to fulfill the ultimate calling of parenthood.

A Surprise trip to Chongqing

Pastor Joshua and C-Mo Delphine led a group of curators on a retreat to the mountainous city of Chongqing, where they were awestruck by the magnificent wonders of God’s work and could not contain their amazement at the breathtaking beauty of God’s creation!

To recount God’s wonderful creation

For four days, the dedicated co-workers of our Children Church poured their hearts and souls into crafting exquisite handmade creations of our Heavenly Father.

Serving joyfully with BIC

Michael Chu, a devoted & responsible co-worker at Olive Bookshop, has always been committed to his work but seldom finds the time to form meaningful connections with others.

Creating a home for young people

It’s about turning the Friday Night Service into a home where the young people can gather after work to eat, worship, and be fed spiritually and physically.

Tree of Life Family Tour

Families have always been an integral part of the Tree of Life. Over the years, family events have transformed from large-scale gatherings to more niche, lighter travel experiences.

Piling The Heartified Ten Commandments

A group of pastors from the branch churches attended the “Tree of Life Heartified Ten Commandments Worship Conference” and shared with Mama C-Mo what they gained from this spiritual feast.

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