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Our treasured kids host a party

Treasured Kids Party is a highly anticipated gathering among the children of coworkers as the year comes to an end.

Good Stewards With Their BEING

The innate BEING of two coworkers, Vivian and Vivien, is to analyze and manage clearly, making them good stewards.

The Tree of Life went through transformation with resilence

After a five-year hiatus, 611 reconvened the “Call to All” gathering. During the time of the Hong Kong social movement and the pandemic , the Tree of Life had undergone significant changes, akin to the transformative journey of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

Effortless CNY Ricepaper Rolls

To kick off the Chinese New Year, Delphine C-Mo prepares Vietnamese rice paper rolls—a delightful and easy-to-make dish—while extending her heartfelt wishes for a joyous and “Effortless” 2024 CNY celebration.

CNY Fair – Go Effortless

Preparing for the Chinese New Year Fair was a hectic affair in previous years.

BEING – Five Star Rangers

Delphine C-mo recently assembled a team of four men and one woman to form the Five Star Rangers for church building according to the BEING of the coworkers.

Youth International Exchange

The Youth Army went to Dubai where they exchanged, played, worshipped, shared life and evangelized with the local youth through their BEING. It was easy, joyful and fun!

An Amazing Trip to Dubai

Pastor Joshua and Delphine C-Mo, accompanied by the MG leaders, embarked on a year-end gratitude retreat in Dubai.

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