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Filled with God’s Goodness

When we are in the Lord and follow Him, we have a clear direction. We know that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. It’s becoming bigger and bigger in our mist and our life fulfilment and joy are increasing!

He Crowns the Year with His Goodness

Thank God for His mighty presence with us in our 19th anniversary service last Sunday. Though we could not have a physical gathering due to the pandemic, we had an online service by His grace. God has really turned curses into blessings!

Stop Collecting Debts!

Thank God our heavenly Father led us into the topic of “Stop Collecting Debts” during last Sunday’s service. Kingdom parables exemplify what the kingdom of heaven is like. When Jesus comes into the world, He fulfils the kingdom of heaven by bringing it into this world.

God’s Mighty Presence

The sermon “Come and Follow Me” last Sunday talked about Jesus calling a young man to leave everything and follow Him, but the young man was unable to let go of his earthly possessions and fame.

See the Lord, See My Sin

I am thankful that we debuted our first musical on the life of Paul, See the Risen Lord. last Sunday – the Resurrection Sunday! After Paul saw the risen Lord, his life made a 180-degree turn.

Following God Closely

“Following God” is not only our Tree of Life belief, but also my attitude in leading our church all these 19 years. Two things that I ask the most are: “What is God doing?” “What is He telling us?” As long as we follow the flow of the Holy Spirit closely, we will witness miracles! God has prompted me in a dream to change the title of this column from “Pastor’s Note” to “Following God”. May we all listen to His Word and follow Him.

Humbly Confess Sins and Stop Lying

On 1 April, when we read Micah 6 in morning devotion, God gave us His Word again. In order to stop the plague, we must humbly pray, we must stop lying, and we must renounce the sin of telling lies, admitting that we humans are weak in this area.

Keep Looking upon God to Pray

However, we are not intimidated by such circumstances. We will keep praying to God, not only for the pandemic, but also for the serious damage suffered by the earth and environment.

Entering Victory

Yet, our God had everything in hand – it took us merely one month to finish the Esther picture book in January this year. As a result, the story of turning defeat into victory was reiterated in a brand new way this Purim–through this picture book! I can see the hand of God leading us!

God Is Always Leading Us

This year, as we celebrate the Festival of Purim during this COVID-19 epidemic, we strongly sense that God is leading the way for our church. Wonderfully He arranges all: He sustains us with His Word and Power, so that we may have love and peace this whole time.

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