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Shall Not Become Cain’s Clan

In last Sunday’s service, we returned to the Ten Commandments and started the first preaching on the Sixth Commandment: You shall not murder.

Behold! God’s Hand

The work of God’s Hand is evident everywhere under the Tree of Life.

I Am a God’s Servant

Thank God! Last week (12/6) we formally commissioned Pastor Baruch and his wife Yuk-man and their team to establish the Whole Whole 611 in Cheung Chau.

Deeper Sharing, More Planting

Now is the time to plant Trees of Life everywhere. Thank God for giving us the Kingdom Artists and the media team, allowing 611 to share the Tree of Life messages more effectively.

Now Is the Time to Plant Everywhere!

Thank God for giving us fresh revelation on our 21st Anniversary, bringing our church to another level in Truth and letting us know that now is the time to plant Trees of Life everywhere!

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