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Entering Times of Refreshing

Resurrection Day this year was very special to us as we experienced God’s amazing work one after the other.

Genuinely Connect with the Next Generation

I thank God that, as the Resurrection Day approaches, the government has given an exemption from gathering restriction to religious organizations – hence,

Walking in God’s Rhythm

Thank God for speaking to us through a series of coincidences on the number “50”! He is doing great things and we are walking in His rhythm.

Holy Day, Not Holiday

The Sabbath Day is a Holy Day, not a Holiday! When we make the Sabbath Day holy and offer it to Him, we worship Him and connect with Him; He will surely bless us greatly.

Let Mercy Be Our Life

Thank God that the church’s “Mercy House” has officially launched! Under the leading of God, we will begin our third decade which marks a new milestone of our ministry.

Following God Starts from “Listening”

I thank God! On the first day of our church’s 40 days of Fasting and Prayer, C-Mo and I brought our curator staff and the senior pastors of our Hong Kong branch churches to Cheung Chau for a retreat.

Following God with Contentment

As our church continues to expand and there is a greater demand for online messages especially during the pandemic, we are grateful that our media ministry is prospering!

Humbly Follow God

Praise the Lord, a new year has begun in the Lunar Calendar. May I wish all brothers and sisters victories in personal life, relationships with God and man and all matters great and small alike.

Enter into the Era of Taking God as King

Praise the Lord! On Tue 2nd Feb, C-Mo and I gathered senior pastors of Hong Kong branch churches for the very first time to join the curator staff meeting.

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