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Simply Trust that God Reigns

How should we follow God in this ever-changing world and amid the severe pandemic? Does it help to search for more information on the Inter net?

He who follows God is never shaken

The 20th Anniversary has just passed but our excitement and thrill still linger. The fragrance of Tree of Life is getting stronger, attracting people to follow God.

Humble Ourselves and Connect with God

During the 20th church anniversary just passed, we deeply encountered God’s grace and deeds. Moreover, we also witnessed how beautiful it was when co-workers worked together and gave their all with one heart.

Cultivating Tree of Life with Joy for 20 Years

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, which also marks the 20th Anniversary of our church! Thank God for continuously cultivating 611 to be a Tree of Life for the past 20 years and we have experienced His riches and amazing leading.

Believing in God’s Unchanging Election

God has led 611 Church through 20 years! Looking back, we have experienced numerous miracles. We feel deep in our hearts that His election is unchanging.

Choose God and You Will Experience Him

Praise the Lord! We are only two weeks away from the 20th anniversary of 611 Bread of Life Church. How thrilled we are to welcome this big day.

New Cycle, New Beginning, New Favor

Despite the social movement and turmoil brought by the pandemic last year, God looked after us and lifted us up, so that we witnessed much of His great work. Now as we are entering a new cycle, we will surely experience more of God’s Favor.

Entering Times of Refreshing

Resurrection Day this year was very special to us as we experienced God’s amazing work one after the other.

Genuinely Connect with the Next Generation

I thank God that, as the Resurrection Day approaches, the government has given an exemption from gathering restriction to religious organizations – hence,

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