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Fixing Our Eyes on God, Not the Waves

People may fall into panic easily amid such information. We need to fix our eyes on the Lord even more, just like Peter. He could walk on the water, but as soon as he turned his eyes to the water itself, he immediately sank.

Humbly Pray and Seek God

From recent news, we learn that the COVID-19 is coming under control in China as the daily number of newly-confirmed cases within China is going down.

The Blessing of being “Hidden”

Facing the ever-changing epidemic, the outside world is arousing much worry and fear, but how should we, as God’s people respond? Is there any blessing amid disaster? Last Sunday, we preached on “Kindness Everywhere”, the story of a Good Samaritan.

The Just Shall Live by His Faith

The Novel Coronavirus, which is more contagious than (with more confirmed cases than) SARS is spreading worldwide. During a forum held in Geneva early this week, World Health Organization (WHO) asked countries to consider the virus as “public enemy number one” and combat it with joint full force.

He Answers Our Prayers

But thank God, at the beginning of 2020, before the coronavirus outbreak, He gave us Psalm 20, telling us that He has known and seen our needs. He will surely answer our prayers, so now it is the time to pray.

Greater Perspective in 2020

Thank God for granting us the “Seeing 2020” message. Today, our perspective shall definitely go greater. Recently, I bumped into Mr. Hugo Chan, elder of The Praise Assembly and Rev. Billy Lau of Yuen Long Kam Kwong Church in a restaurant.

Great Peace in God’s Presence

The church is entering her 19th anniversary; we have been walking in the times and blessings of our heavenly Father. By His Presence, He is leading us forward. God is real which I am largely grateful. In His Presence, there is peace.

2020 Family Upgrade 2.0

At the end of 2019, the Father of “Ling Leung” family, Pastor Nathaniel Chow came and blessed 611 with the message that we shall upgrade in all areas with a thankful heart.

Sight Restored in “Seeing 2020”

On the New Year eve just passed, joined by all MG leaders, we had a retreat on the cruise and celebrated New Year in the strong presence of God.

Entering 2020 Overall Upgrade

Praise the Lord, even though Hong Kong was turbulent in 2019 and our co-workers underwent significant adjustments, by the end of the year, we were feeling exceptionally restful, relaxing and peaceful.

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