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The Tree of Righteousness Sprouts before All Nations

It was God who prepared the “Tree of Life Heartified Commandments Worship Conference” held in Kuching in August. C-Mo and I led the co-workers’ team to release the breath of the Tree of Life to the nations.

Almost a hundred co-workers and volunteers joined this conference from Hong Kong. C-Mo and I arranged people as led by the Spirit and some were called to join just a few days before the departure. After arriving in Kuching, we were still clueless as to how to arrange everything even on the day before the conference. However, God had prepared people’s lives so that even though the people chosen were given very short notice, they were able to honestly share how they were changed by God. Hence, the audience was greatly touched.

Co-worker Lemuel came from Malaysia, his life has been transformed and his marriage restored in 611. It’s all by God that he went back to his homeland and his people to share his testimony. He and his wife shared in an open way, fully expressing their emotions and sentiments. They didn’t rehearse, but their lives went through preparation of many years so that they could be displayed before all now.

Thank God for preparing our lives during the pandemic. These three years, through the online programs Following God and Mama’s Kitchen , which we film every week, family breakfast meetings and the compost which transforms the kitchen waste produced by the low point of the co-workers into nutritious fertilizers to nourish the Tree of Life, we are able to release the breath of Tree of Life continuously to our members and branch churches today.

In this Kuching trip, I was utterly amazed by God’s work. As Isaiah 61:11 says, “For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign LORD will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.” This verse came alive in the conference. Hence I called it “6111 conference (Isaiah 61:11)”. The Tree of righteousness is the Tree of Life. Its fruit is righteousness and praise springing up before all nations. Likewise, our lives were shared before all nations and branch churches, with the power of healing to heal the nations and glorifying God.

Thank God, as long as we are led by the Holy Spirit, we can come out of the stereo-type ministry mindset of holding a conference. All participating co-workers and volunteers exercised their Being together. It was effortless and yet highly effective, more so, it would be a memorable experience for us to ponder over, for a long time.■【2023.09.10】

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