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Following God with Anton

I have known Pastor Anton Cruz for more than twenty years. We wer e introduced to each other when 611 was established in 2001. We were still at Fort Street when he came to our church and we could only accommodate about seventy people then. At that time he was serving lepers, prostitutes and orphans and leading a prayer ministry. From that moment on I felt that we could follow God together.

We met each other at least once every year and have grown up together. We have been through many ups and downs over these twenty years. He is a prophet sent by God and his prophecies for 611 have come true one by one. So I listen to his words by heart. I see that he is simple and pure by nature, dedicating all of himself to God. He serves those people in need that God has given him and has become their father. The ministry that he leads in India is an overseas institution under governmental tax regulations, so he cannot reside in India and has to stay abroad for at least half a year each year. It is really tough to stay away from home for a long time, so I really appreciate him.

As he shares, following God is not easy and sacrifice is inevitable. When he came to the Lord, his mother drove him out as he became a shame to their family. However, as he had God’s calling, he was determined to follow. He answered God immediately as soon as he heard His words and never said no. God has asked him to go out of the church into the streets to serve the abandoned minority and he acted at once. Though facing challenges, he went on as he believed that God never makes mistakes.

He spends most of his days abroad with Chinese people and even likes dressing in Chinese clothing. He receives that God will bring revival through Chinese and he has had a close relationship with Chinese churches over his twenty-eight years of ministry. He witnesses how they have changed over the years and have a heart for young people and the next generation. Every time he comes to our church and receives from God that we need to pray, we start fasting right away. He is grateful to God that we have the ear to listen.

Thank God for connecting us together through the vision of aligning with God and the Tree of Life. May we go on following God together and bring down revival through ceaseless prayers!■【2023.09.17】

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