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Kindness Is the Way

Thank God! It’s quite a surprise for me to receive a Father’s Day gift from my MG leaders, my sons and daughters.

God Delights to Put Rainbow as a Sign of Covenant

At the dusk of June 16 (Tue) a double rainbow appeared in the sky of Hong Kong, which was very unusual. The rainbow was clear, full and in such proximity to us that we were truly thrilled! What is God doing? What is He saying to us?

Bring Forth Treasures New and Old

My disciple Jason Tuan preached the message. He used to be an investment banker, making a lot of money for his company. Yet willingly, he gave up high position in the marketplace to serve God in church, what a great testimony of sand being transformed to a pearl.

Following God in Turmoil

“Pandemic”, “Unemployment”, “Riots” have made worldwide headlines frequently. Even those developed countries in Europe and North America are no exception. How can we see God’s work and will in such circumstances? It’s only possible by following God closely.

Be the Kingdom Disciples

Thank God for two exciting things this week! The new Creative Media Center (CMC) in Young Ya was opened this Monday. All two hundred of our co-workers worked together to clean up the CMC, putting all things into place.

Filled with God’s Goodness

When we are in the Lord and follow Him, we have a clear direction. We know that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. It’s becoming bigger and bigger in our mist and our life fulfilment and joy are increasing!

He Crowns the Year with His Goodness

Thank God for His mighty presence with us in our 19th anniversary service last Sunday. Though we could not have a physical gathering due to the pandemic, we had an online service by His grace. God has really turned curses into blessings!

Stop Collecting Debts!

Thank God our heavenly Father led us into the topic of “Stop Collecting Debts” during last Sunday’s service. Kingdom parables exemplify what the kingdom of heaven is like. When Jesus comes into the world, He fulfils the kingdom of heaven by bringing it into this world.

God’s Mighty Presence

The sermon “Come and Follow Me” last Sunday talked about Jesus calling a young man to leave everything and follow Him, but the young man was unable to let go of his earthly possessions and fame.

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