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Treasure Love|EP 8

What does family mean to you? In this episode, Pastor Deborah shared her life story and she was almost in tears! May we invite you to discover the joy and support from your family!

The seer and her dog wonderful|EP 7

How does the Seer look after her dog Wonderful? Looking after pets, we also come to know more about ourselves and God! May we all follow God closely, be sensitive to His voice in the end times!

A beautiful life|EP 6

Why does the Seer always call herself a beauty? Tune in and hear the touching story of hers. May we all have a beautiful life!

Do you feel inferior?|EP 5

Do you feel inferior? Do you compare yourself with others? Is it possible that the seer who is gifted in prophecy also feels inferior? But we are all unique! Let’s hear Pastor Deborah’s sharing!

Does God love me?|EP 4

Does God love me? Does He really love me? Perhaps every Christian has asked this question Has the Seer ever wondered? Let’s hear her heart.

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