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Online Bahasa Preaching

Dear: Ladies and Gentlemen, brothers and sisters 2021 The Year of Victory Praise the Lord! It is with good news we would like to announce that 611 BOL Church has started to have direct online Indonesian sermon for the first time. We hope the online sermon will enable you to better understand the teachings of the Word of God and grow under the Tree of Life. We encourage you to listen and follow the Indonesian sermon which will be online every week. May God bless you always! Yang Terhormat: Hadirin sekalian, Bapak, Ibu, saudara dan saudari 2021 Tahun Kemenangan Puji […]

ANEW Service Arrangements

Dear brothers and sisters Due to the tightening of the ban of gathering, all 611 physical services are now suspended. But in good times or bad times, we are to continue worshipping the Lord! Therefore, we shall continue with FB live streaming on Sunday: 9AM — English service 11AM — Tagalog service Please remember to dial and join us. Stay tuned to hear what God wants us to know at such a critical moment. Let’s also pray with one heart for this city and around the world.

ANEW FB Live and online service times

Dear brothers and sisters Hong Kong and the world are going through unprecedented challenges and hardship, in the face of the COVID-19. But God’s Grace knows no bounds, He is above all and He still reigns! Because of the wonderful and amazing Media Team that God has given 611, we are able to continue recording and streaming on Facebook Live! Therefore, I am delighted to announce that Tagalog service will continue on Facebook Live as of this Sunday. Although we can’t gather together in person – nobody can stop us from worshipping Him, our Lord, God and all in all! […]

This week’s services (17-19/7) will be changed from on-site gathering to live broadcast

Dear brothers and sisters, as the government tightens ban of gathering in public places, all on-site gatherings will be stopped for this week.  Please stay home to join our online services until further notice.  The broadcast times for various services are as follows:- Adult Service ANEW Service (Chinese and English): Saturday at 5pm Sunday Service (Mandarin and Cantonese): Sunday at 8:30am, 10:30am,12:30pm   Children Service Saturday at 5pm Sunday at 8:30am, 10:30am   Youth Service Saturday at 2pm Sunday at 11am   Friday Night Service Friday at 7:30pm   Abundant 120 Elderly Service Saturday at 10am   ANEW English Service […]

Special announcement : As of today, our church venue is temporarily not open to the public

❤️ Dear Brothers and Sisters, In response to the rebound of the pandemic , the government has announced the tightening of public gathering to four people, and the exemption for religious activities was also cancelled. Therefore, our church venue is temporarily not open to the public starting from Tuesday (14/7). Morning devotion will be changed to live broadcast 💻 Cell group will also be changed to online meeting until further notice. ⭐We will continue to update our anti-pandemic measures and worship service arrangement. Please take note of our website announcement.. ⭐If you have any enquiries, please call our reception […]

Re-arrangement of various services due to pandemic rebound

❤️Dear brothers and sisters, in response to the 3rd wave of pandemic, the Education Bureau also announced that all schools in Hong Kong will take early summer vacation. This week (11-12/7), we have stopped on-site gathering for our Abundant Elderly Service and Children Service (for children below Primary 3)and we have live broadcast instead.   As for our Youth and Adult Services, we will provide both onsite gathering and live broadcast.   Details are as follows: Children Church 🌻As for Saturday and Sunday Services (Joyful Angels, Joyful Grapes , Jumping Olives, Kingdom Kids), we will stop onsite gathering until further notice.    […]

13/6-14/6 Services requiring reservation

Due to government regulation, only half of the venue capacity is allowed in church gathering. To control the number of attendance, online reservation is required for 10:30am Adult Service and the three Youth Services this Sunday, on a first-come-first-served basis with details as follows. 1. Services requiring reservation (please take note of “methods of reservation and notice”) 👉Sunday 2nd Service 14/6 (Sun) :10:30 amVenue: Mercy SeatTarget Audience: Everyone (only children in secondary six or below need to watch live broadcast at home) 👉The three Youth Services13/6 (Sat) : 14:00 pm14/6 (Sun) : 10:00 am / 11:15amVenue: H-CubeTarget Audience: Only for […]

Latest service arrangements of ANEW

As Ps Joshua has been preaching and sharing recently, we are already in the end times. But praise the Lord, God has given us the mission and vision to continue expanding the Kingdom of the Heavens for such a time as this. We are deeply grateful that our ANEW service is also expanding so that we may serve our ANEW audience better. We are greatly excited and thrilled to behold what God is doing and will do in our midst. Please take note of our new service times and venues. Do join us onsite/online, whichever suits you best! Sat 1000-1200 […]

New measures in response to the epidemic

Dear Brothers and sisters, considering the continuous spread of COVID-19, to avoid the possible spreading the virus during gatherings, all the church venues starting from this Saturday, 15 February, 2020, will be temporarily closed, details are as follows: All Worship Services – Saturday ANEW Worship Service and Sunday Worship Service will be online. We invite the congregation to stay home and worship online; Children Church Worship Service will be online. We invite parents to accompany their children to watch at home and worship together; Youth Worship Service will be online. We invite the youth congregation to watch online at home; FN Worship […]