God’s Love Never Fails

God’s Heart to bring healing to His children never changes amid the ongoing protests in Hong Kong,

Sadness to Joy Defeat into Victory ANEW Sunday Purim Celebration

“Acceptable 2019”, ANEW finds great “Acceptance” from God as we pulled off a musical for the very first time! The cast and crew were thrilled to bits to celebrate the Purim through the musical. The team was indeed of all nations, including members from Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong. English was not our first language and yet everyone willingly and happily put in their best. The Japanese brother didn’t expect to play a role. But as he did, he thoroughly enjoyed it! With only three rehearsals before the actual performance, everyone was largely thankful to be able to […]

Zechariah Church Building Revival Project Entering the fifth phase, new mileston

Last Sunday, Pastor Joshua heartily announced the successful completion of phase four of “Zechariah Church Building Revival Project” and the official start of the fifth phase, a milestone of Church Building. The fifth phase mainly includes two parts: purchase and exploration of the “Garden Eden” in Cheung Chau, and the renovation of Yong Ya multimedia centre. The land purchased in Cheung Chau is over 160,000 sq. ft. Apart from agricultural use and rebuilding the existing licensed houses, we expect to apply for changing the usage of part of the land to build retreat site for cell groups, healing ministry and […]

Pray in Tears, Discipleship Never Fails

MG Leader Cherry continued sharing about her discipleship: “I always pray for my disciples and cell members. When they do not want to listen to me, l pray for them. Some disciples and cell members are of broken lives and lowly backgrounds. I don’t know how to help them. In times to wage wars for them, to bless or intercede for them, or when their marriage is on the brink of breaking down, I always pray. God has given me a love that never gives up so that I always kneel before the Lord, weeping and crying out for them. […]

Clashing in Love

Sharing from MG leader Cherry Wong Pastor Joshua and C-Mo are my role models in discipleship. They regard every staff and each of their spiritual children good. Despite our lowly lives, they trust that we are good. Therefore, I learn to treat all my spiritual children the same way, believing that they are excellent, humble, gentle and kind. I love them and take them as my own biological children. We share jokes, play together and go on retreat to Taiwan and Korea. After retreats, my relationship with my disciples has deepened a lot. Out of my love for my disciples, […]

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