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Accepted by Jesus and Called to Belong

In March 2015 I came to Hong Kong. At first, I spent my Sundays wandering around and meeting new friends. One Sunday in July 2015, I was invited to 611 Sunday ANEW service and was greatly touched. Even though I was reluctant to come by myself, my cell leader kept encouraging me to come. Due to her persistent love and care, I was swayed into joining a cell group where I befriend other sisters and settle in this family. Later on I was baptized and attend equipping courses. As I root myself in ANEW, my life starts to change — […]

As 2018 Ends, Let’s Rejoice and Give Thanks!

Last Sunday, ANEW concluded “Return 2018” with “Miss Thanksgiving Pageant” and “ANEW got talent” competition, what a memorable way to end 2018 and welcome 2019! Nine Filipino sisters and one Indonesian sister joined the pageant in which they shared how God had transformed their lives by His unfailing love and the sweet fellowship in ANEW.

Return 2018: Seeing God’s Glory

The first sermon in 2018, from Psalm 18, Pastor Joshua declared that God shall give us a victorious return. In hindsight , God has unceasingly performed signs and wonders, including the debut cruise carnival, the 8 unprecedented simultaneous musical and baptism, and 2 large scale musicals by Youth Army. We stand amazed at God’s revealed glory! Moreover, God has enlarged our territory by giving us Wonderful 611 and Carmel 611 here in Hong Kong. Not only did we hold network conference outside Hong Kong for the first time, we even held international pastor couples’ camp. Even more excitingly, we traversed the U.S. from west to east, rekindling the fire of prayer so […]

The Blessing of Forgiveness

My name is Erlet Geronica. I am a cell member of Joeadel Degilla, in the tribe of Pastor Ruby.

From Frustration to Peace and Joy

My name is Gladly Dacaymat. I am a cell member of Pastor Gigi, in Pastor Ruby’s tribe. In 2012 I came to work in Hong Kong, hoping to provide financial support for my family.

Fly High For Your Glory SHOOK Queen Elizabeth Stadium

On the 29-30th Nov, “Fly High For Your Glory” concert shook Queen Elizabeth Stadium to its core! A group of young people had broken through many hardships and limits to go on stage with singing, dancing, sand painting and life testimonies, offering their all to worship God; so that more than 5000 people experienced the glory of God in these two nights which were full of surprises and moved many to tears.

Thanksgiving Testimonies from ANEW Cell Leaders

Rowena Comilang – I thank God for financial breakthrough this year. He has also restored my relationship with one of my dearest friends. Angel Agustin – I am so thankful, God has blessed me in many ways this year. God has enabled me to be promoted to leadership in the Powerpoint Team. Jean Cajigas – I thank God for the restoration of my relationship with my best friend, and for a renewed chance to join the dance team. Alice Maghuyop – I am so thankful for the chance to rejoin the worship team. Even my employer is joyful about this! Angelita Ganiron – I thank God for […]

ANEW 7th Anniversary A Milestone in Planting Trees of Life

Last Sunday, we celebrated the 7th anniversary of ANEW – it was a time of overwhelming joy and thanksgiving! We held a “Miss Thanksgiving Pageant,” and it was wonderful to see 6 of our dear Sisters participate, each sharing their life-changing experiences and giving thanks to our almighty, loving, wonderful God! Our sisters shared about their financial breakthroughs, their restored relationships, their healing and deliverance from past hurts; they shared their thanksgiving for opportunities to join and serve with the dance team and worship team! By the grace of God, over the past year, many of our sisters have been blessed financially and been set free of debt. What a great […]

Increasing Discipleship Power, Planting Trees of Life

Our 3rd Cell Leader Ordination Ceremony this year was successfully held on the 4th of November, ordaining 69 cell leaders which was record high! Praise the Lord! Of the newly-ordained cell leaders, we have 18 male and 51 female cell leaders – including five co-workers, one motherdaughter pair, and eight married couples. We are raising up university students and foreign domestic helpers as cell leaders. Below is the sharing from Pastor Roxan who ordained 7 disciples last week. Praise God that seven Filipino sisters were ordained last week. Using the gifts and abilities that God has given us to build others […]

Know who we are in Christ

On 21st Oct 2018, after ANEW preaching, Ps Roxan held her disciple cell group and below is sharing from two of her disciples who have been greatly touched afterward. Sister Jerrylyn was very blessed by the topic! At the disciple cell, Sister Jerrylyn was led to confession and repentance of sinful pride and self-wisdom. “God is so good! I used to condemn myself about this foolish pride in myself, thinking my own ways are so smart. But Praise God! He revealed to me that I am His anointed one! The power of darkness shall no longer reign in me, since […]

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