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Battle against the Flesh

I am receiving much encouragement and reflection from the recent sermons on our “Being” and “Doing”, especially towards men.

It has been 23 years since I have come to faith. I have dedicated myself to God from the very first year, but how much of my life has been changed during those years? I can say that I did have many changes through the Word and fellowship with other believers, relating with their thinking and values, learning new things. But in terms of weakness of the flesh, I cannot see that much has changed at all. I still enjoy much of watching youtube, trying to run away from facing important issues in life.

Recently, I listened to Pastor Jason’s preaching about his visit to Taiwan, going back to his parents’ house, and receiving a birthday celebration for the first time from his parents. His testimony touched my heart strongly, when he talked about his parents destroying their idols for his birthday. I related strongly to Pastor Jason’s deep thankfulness to the Lord and his difficult process in getting to that point.

God works on our hearts using our life experiences like this, drawing us towards Himself. Recently, God seems to shake my heart through crisis of my loved ones. I heard Him saying to me “Takaharu, why are you still dwelling on your own weakness? People need salvation. Get away from that and draw close to me.”

I have a responsibility as a person who has received salvation. That is to draw closer to the Lord, living with Him. This cannot be done without the Holy Spirit. Please Lord, help me for I am weak. Let me dwell in you, walking with you every moment beside you. If not, there is no way I can escape from my sinful flesh. Please make me gaze upon your love wholeheartedly.

Brother Takaharu Noto

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