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Repentance is the Way

We have just observed “Days of Awe”, a time that we repent and get ourselves right before God in order to enter Sukkot which is just days away.

Prayer Focus for Malaysia (II)

Malaysia is still struggling to decrease the number of cases reported daily, ranging from 17,000 to 20,000 in the month of September due to a more transmissible delta variant that is nearly impossible to do contact tracing.

Prayer focus for Malaysia

On the 31st Aug 2021 which is Malaysia’s 64th anniversary of Independence, over 20,000 new cases were confirmed.

Pray for the Philippines (III)

We are filled with thanksgiving as miracles upon miracles are unveiled as testimonies of promotions, success, healing from Covid and unexpected blessings were experienced by the church.

Pray for the Philippines (II)

With the continuing havoc caused by the pandemic, many people are desperately fleeing the capital to the rural areas.

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