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ANEW 12th Anniversary

Thank God that 611 has passed by 22 years and entered into a new stage of Planting Trees of Life Everywhere. On last Sunday (November 19), our ANEW (All Nations English Worship) Service celebrated its 12th Anniversary. It was wonderful to see brothers and sisters from 12 countries and regions testify on stage how their lives had been healed and transformed by God. …more

12 representatives of 12 nations witnessed for Christ & sang the song Isaiah 61:1 for Christ.
Start from the right: China Hong Kong, Costa Rica, South Africa, The Philippines, Malaysia, America, New Zealand, Malawi, Canada, Indonesia, The UK, Japan


Congratulations to Kevin and Emily who are due to be married April next year. Read more
Birthday celebrations
Sunday 10 December, the nations came together to celebrate birthdays. Read more
Church transformed as the pastor’s marriage renewed
... as we held the 5th Anniversary of Hesed 611 Sapporo as well as our first cell leader ordination. Read more