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Praise Others’ Being

In the Monthly Prayer Meeting on the 3rd of September, Pastor and C-Mo encouraged us to praise others‘ “Being” more.

During the co-worker retreat last week, co-workers learned to praise each other’s “Being,” and everyone shared their positive feelings afterwards.

We generally compliment others’ “Doings” (i.e. work performance). May it be parents praising their children, or superiors commending their subordinates, this all based on one’s Doing, for example “You have done well!” The more we excel at this Doing, the greater promotion we receive, then the more we will consider ourselves great. The more praise we receive for our Doing, the more we tend to give ourselves value according to our Doing. Then, if our performance appears to be worse than that of others, we will regard ourselves as worthless.

We are to learn to praise others’ Beings gradually. Our Being stems from the attributes of God. As we were created in God’s image, naturally God’s attributes are also in our lives. Sadly, our beautiful Being has yet to be appreciated and discovered. When we appreciate others’ Beings, we are praising the Creator God.

We should use our words to praise the Beings of others in our cell groups – for example,“Kind,” “Honest,” “Compassionate,” and so on. • [2020.09.20]

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