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How can we change from “Doing” mode to “Being” mode? (1)

How can we change from “Doing” mode to “Being” mode? Ps. Joshua and C-mo share.

Ps Joshua: “Usually, we praise people’s “Doing”: their gifts and abilities. This reflects how we choose to view ourselves. However, man should be defined not by his “Doing”, but by his “Being”. In pursuing the way of the Tree of Life, although outward gifts are important, our “Being” is of even higher significance. We pursue Tree of Life which means the outward gifts are important, yet our “Being” is of even higher significance. All gifts will pass away, but love remains. (1Cor 13:8-13)

C-Mo: “Our being carries God’s attributes: kindness, patience, generosity etc. God has created every one of us in His image and put His attributes in us. But it varies between everyone how much of His attributes we may display. Due to hurts from our families of origin, the attractiveness of the world, fear, or selfcentredness – many of us may suppress God’s attributes in us. The more of God’s attributes and characters restored in us and released from us, the more our “Being” shall radiate God’s Glory. In order to release our “Being,” our life needs to be trained and our horizon needs to be broadened.

Those who hold “Doing” in high regard compare themselves against others in giftings and in performance. They are likely to be jealous and in contention and always in self-blame. However, these are things that God does not value. Instead, He cares much about how much our life displays His attributes and glory.”•[2020.10.04]

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