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Healing under the Tree of Life’s Atmosphere

In the Monthly Prayer Meeting on 9 July, Pastor Joshua and C-Mo shared that the church has entered an era called “The Atmosphere of the Tree of Life,” overflowing with fr esh healing water.

“Honoring parents” in the Tree of Life (2)

Many people live with a separation between “belief” and “daily life” – they look one way toward the church, and then the opposite way to their home. How can our life and belief be united and not separated? In our monthly prayer meeting (Call to All), Pastor Ruby shared her testimony.

One Church Repents An Army of Revival Arises (2)

Continuing from the previous issue, C-Mo shared what our church had gained since entering the flow of sin confession: “The Holy Spirit continued to lead us into another wave of sin confession. Recently, the church published our first picture book, Esther.

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