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Healing under the Tree of Life’s Atmosphere

In the Monthly Prayer Meeting on 9 July, Pastor Joshua and C-Mo shared that the church has entered an era called “The Atmosphere of the Tree of Life,” overflowing with fr esh healing water.

Pastor Joshua: “When I preached in the Sunday service on 5 July, many people were in tears. I felt that the distance between myself and the brothers and sisters has been lessened. I saw that God did a new thing, leading the church into this era of “The Atmosphere of the Tree of Life.” Moreover, I saw lots of people weeping and being healed while watching the dramas and sermons in Sunday services. Not being limited to hours and hours of personal healing & deliverance, nor to onstage healing ministry, God is now also leading the church’s healing service to be administered through the services themselves (using dramas and sermons), so that people get healed within the atmosphere of the Tree of Life.”

C-Mo: “Recently, we have shared about ‘One’s Being,’ meaning ‘One’s nature.’ When we read the book The Angel Inside , we may wonder “What is this angel?” The answer is, it is the nature inside of us. Now that we have discovered the meaning of ‘One’s Being,’ we can know ourselves better, be more setfree, and even reflect and rearrange our serving. Is there no Doing in Being? As a happy mother of children, my Doing comes from Being. Not striving in Doing things, I do things just because I enjoy and love them. Like this, doing things with my natural Being, I am able to be joyful without putting in much effort. If our Beings are unleashed, our discipleship and interpersonal relationships will be different. Within the atmosphere of the Tree of Life, the leaves of the Tree of Life have healing power. It is effortless for God to lead our ways in ministry. As God’s presence and love are among us, we are no longer suppressed. This way, we can release our Being: we will be healed and restored; we will be set free and filled with joy. We are developing a new approach in healing. God may give us a new ‘Healing Center’ building in the future, probably with venues for drama, drawing, worship, and dancing. God would like to release the healing power among His people. ” • [2020.07.26]

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