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“CARE” in Discipleship (1)

In the briefing session for the Cell Leader Ordination on 12 July, MG Leader Basil shared his experience in discipling others with the letters “C-A-R-E”.

C for Connection

“A cell leader shall follow their authority closely, and connect with those above and below him. ‘Don’t ask questions, just follow,’ some people may say. I do not agree with this. A cell leader shall lead his cell members to come before Jesus (instead of leading them to come before himself) so that their lives become more like Jesus. Pastor Joshua follows Jesus, and his life has been changing. I also follow Jesus, and follow Pastor Joshua.

I trust the leading of Pastor Joshua, and cell leaders shall trust the leading of their authorities too. However, we do not follow them blindly. Pastor Joshua and C-mo share important messages through “Following God” and “Mama’s Kitchen” every week. By watching these videos, we will understand their thoughts and have our lives discipled. We also follow the church and follow God via comprehending the messages of the Monthly Prayer Meeting.

If there are any problems happening in discipleship, cell leaders are welcome to raise questions, first to their parental cell leaders, and next to their MG leaders. Pastor is also willing to help with cell leaders’ questions. Do not reject the question raised by your cell member. Otherwise your cell member may leave the cell group before you seek help from your parental cell leader.

A for Action

A cell leader shall lead by example himself, leading cell members to participate in church activities. For example, they must themselves read all the books required by the Cell Leader Ordination. Cell leaders are encouraged to read the recent publications of the Church, such as Esther and The Angel Inside together with cell members, so as to follow the flow of the Holy Spirit, receiving the anointing to lead their cell groups. “(to be continued) • [2020.08.09]

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