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“CARE” in Discipleship (2)

(Continuing from the previous issue) At the Cell Leader Ordination on 12 July, MG Leader Basil shared his experience in discipling others with the letters “C-A-R-E”.

R for Response

After every Sunday service and cell meeting, I write down personal reflections and send them to Pastor and C-mo. I also share my reflections and feelings in my cell groups’ chat groups, so that my disciples and cell members may read them. This is highly important. As we respond to those above and below us, we can become like a funnel, passing down what we have learned and received – and through us, those we disciple will also connect to our authorities. Pastor and C-Mo will surely spend time to read our responses and disciple us.

E for Example

A cell leader shall live as his true self, even sharing his own weaknesses before his cell members. When we are willing to open up about ourselves, our cell members shall be open. Having shared my reflection in my cell groups’ chat groups, my cell members responded positively. Discipleship is not telling our cell members about how strong we are, but rather it is being willing to share our weaknesses, to confess our inabilities, and to acknowledge that it is God alone who can help us. Likewise, our cell members will share their lives and connect with us.• [2020.08.16]

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