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More Love, More Trust: Start with Appreciating People’s Being (I)

In our Monthly Prayer Meeting on 4th June, C-Mo shared the importance of building love and trust between people.

Every Tuesday, Pastor and I will hold a meeting with curator staff, and every Thursday morning, we will hold a family breakfast meeting, discipling over 200 staff. We will not have a busy and agenda-filled meeting – instead, we spend a lot of time discipling people’s lives and building their interpersonal relationships. The 11th core value of the church is “More Love, More Trust,” which is much needed in today’s world. How can we build love and trust among our staff? It is slowly birthed as we get along with each other, serve together, familiarize ourselves with one another, and clash with one another. We must trust upstream, and love downstream. If a team can build love and trust, it will exert great power. However, it is not easy to build such a team.

I have a burden and special mercy for wounded ministers, as Ps Joshua was once also this kind of wounded minister. I am his wife. If he is wounded, I am also wounded. Pastor Barnabas was also wounded – with a bullet – while serving in Holland. We took in his family, calling them back to Hong Kong. For more than ten years, we have walked the path of building love and trust. Even with our core curator staff, we have taken more than ten years to build our relationship of love and trust, and it has not been easy. To this day, I feel that the relationship among our curator staff is very strong, like a tree of life that will stand firm even through storms and hardships. I often dig deeply into the life of our staff, and I am not afraid of clashing with them in order to catch the worms within. This way, we can establish a true and deeper relationship.” (to be continued)•[2020.06.20]

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