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When the Husband Is Willing to Listen, the Wife Becomes the Helper

In our family breakfast meeting on 29th April, Pastor Joshua shared about the way couples get along, encouraging husbands to listen to the words of their wives:

I know many young and elderly couples, the wife’s brain moves faster and thinks more clearly than her husband’s. But the husband finds it difficult to lay down his pride, and so refuses to listen to his wife or accept her help. An old classmate of mine was skilled at “bridge,” and he also worked smarter not harder. But, he had the character of the “big man,” unwilling to listen to his wife. I always encouraged him to listen to his wife, as what his wife did was good for him, and I did not want to see him going further astray. Unfortunately, he did not listen, and finally committed suicide. I advise husbands to truly listen to their wives, and God will help us.

I always admit my weaknesses and ask C-Mo to help me. C-Mo is very good and she will help me. Over the years, whatever she thought of, God also affirmed and accomplished. I am grateful for this, and I am very supportive to C-Mo as she receives affection from God. I have a secret: Nobody can take away the authority that was given to me by God. Eventhough my opinions and ideas may not be better than C-Mo’s, the authority still rests on me. Therefore, I do not have low self-esteem, and I do not compete or argue with others. It doesn’t matter to me whether or not I have the right to make the decisions in my house. If C-Mo does well, I receive the glory. God gives me the authority: whether or not I do well, God will hold me accountable. If C-Mo is better at the work than me, then the work should be done by her. As for husbands, do not feel inferior or be afraid: God has given us authority and no one can take it away. We shall let go and let our wives do the work, so that our wives will become our helper.•[2020.05.31]

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