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Discipleship – Never Give Up (2)

Continued from last discipleship column, Pastor Joshua urged us not to give up on discipleship even during hard times because we shall receive more from God:

Discipleship – Never Give Up (1)

During the cell-leader-ordination banquet on 31st March, Pastor Joshua asked if anyone ever kept pets, if any went through the death of pets and if anyone decides never to keep pets after the death of previous pets.

Kneading dough: Building the team; unleashing the Discipleship Power of the Cell Group (1)

During the monthly prayer meeting on 7 March, C-Mo shared tips on discipleship and team building, using the analogy of “kneading dough”. Flour is without form by itself – as water is added to it, it turns into dough. From this, I am inspired about discipleship and team leading. For example, if a cell leader attends to the needs of cell members A, B and C individually, it is like taking out three small balls of dough from the big dough of cell group: these three balls of dough are on their own. They are not bonding with the big […]

You and I are the “Precious Pearl” in God’s eyes

In the monthly prayer meeting on 14th February, Pastor Joshua and C-Mo shared their visit to a famous pearl provider in Australia. Due to cordial hospitality of the provider, Pastor Joshua and C-Mo had deep conversation with them and come to understand their history. Being greatly impressed, C-Mo stated that. “This well-known pearl provider is a family business whose ancestors from Greece went to Australia in 1919 and this year marks their 100th anniversary. In the beginning, they were unaware of pearls inside the clamshells. They made a business making buttons from clamshells. Later on, as plastic buttons appeared in […]

Discipleship is embracing pearl

During Monthly Prayer Meeting on 14 February, Pastor Joshua and C-Mo described discipleship as “embracing the pearl”. C-mo stated,

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