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Raise up Leaders, Disciple Seven Mountains

During our staff breakfast meeting on 20th June, a staff member raised the question about how to disciple those youth who are passionate politics: “Some brothers and sisters and the youth are enthusiastic about politics, how should we pastor them? If they are involved in politics in the future, their stances and speech may be different from the core values of the church, how shall we handle such situation?”

To that, Pastor Joshua replied, “Firstly, human nature is unpredictable, it may change at a moment’s notice. One’s election platform is subject to changes, he may follow the trend of the world upon election. Even so, we should continue discipling him diligently. If any brother or sister is running for election: as their pastor, we must ask about a few things – his personal life, his relationship with pastors, whether he is attending his pastor’s cell group, whether he is leading a cell group, and whether he is close to his pastor. If one day he is elected, and his stance and words are nothing like a Christian and not based in the Truth, and you try to talk him out of politics, will he take your advice? Do you have this authority over him? We must continue to disciple him, exercise spiritual authority over him. Regardless of what he becomes after an election, we go on teaching him the biblical truth but leave the outcomes to God. If his stance is unbiblical, and you request him to step down and yet he refuses, this is beyond us. We believe God is in control always, we do what we should and the leave the rest to God.”

“Secondly, we pastor brothers and sisters in the Truth, we encourage them to understand politics, economics, education, customer services and other aspects in a balanced and holistic way. It is our prayer that in every industry, in the seven mountains, there are 611 cell leaders rising up to be leaders, winning all walks of life for the Lord.•