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Live Out Love (I)

In the Monthly Prayer Meeting on 6th Aug, Pastor Lyan encouraged us to show more for our neighbors and help one another:

“Under the pandemic, how do we continue in discipleship? God spoke to me, ‘Be moved with compassion’ . Discipleship is neither about our skills nor the weekly cell attendance, instead it is about our hearts.

‘But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him.’ (Luke 10:33) Sometimes, when we see people being helpless and needy, we will be moved with compassion. Often, we hear from TV how people are suffering, needing help; some pray for them right away while others are indifferent. In our discipleship as well as during the pandemic, we are to have compassion towards others. Being moved by compassion enables us to help our neighbors.

During the pandemic, our church has distributed masks to families in need a few times. Also, we have assigned coworkers to send masks to elderly people on a regular basis. Those who have received masks express their gratitude for the care they have received from church. On the other hand, those cell leaders and cell members who are struggling financially can apply for church mercy fund. Currently, cell leaders can download the application form from the church’s website in order to help cell members in need to apply. When we show kindness to our neighbors, God shall also show kindness to us.” (To be continued)•[2020.08.30]





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