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True Fellowship Under the Tree of Life

How can we live out true fellowship under the Tree of Life? Let’s listen to the sharing of Pastor Joshua and C-Mo:

“We must be a genuine and real person before God and man. God already knows the real us, so there is no way we can hide from Him. The truth is, the Kindness and Grace of God are chasing after us all the time. We live in the time of Grace: as long as we are willing to confess sins and repent, God shall continue to be gracious and merciful to us.

When we are not genuine but instead pretending, we will go from one extreme to another, unable to walk in the way of Tree of Life. If we live like that, how can people fellowship with us and build true relationship with us? It is most important for us to be a genuine person. Otherwise, any fellowship built is meaningless and will not grow. If you come to me without pretending, then you can directly tell me “I am afraid.” Then, I shall fellowship with the “you” who is afraid. If we are able to fellowship in truth, then our relationship shall surely grow.

If you hear someone saying something about your authority figures that seems odd, you should seek clarification. Everyone has their own weaknesses. If someone is suppressed, his understanding of that authority figure would be distorted, meaning his words about that authority figure would also be distorted. Therefore, not only should we be thinking for ourselves, but we should also seek clarification if in doubt. Instead of listening to hearsay, we should have our own personal interactions with and personal understanding of our authority figures. We should check everything against the Tree of Life to see if it is upright. If anything makes you feel suspicious, then clarify immediately.

It’s time for the Church to release a tangible Tree of Life fragrance. Under the Tree of Life, we listen, observe, smell and feel. We need to tune all our senses, so that our sensitivity will be boosted. We must speak out about anything we are not comfortable with. We are to watch and remind one another, and build true fellowship.•[2020.11.01]

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