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Pray for Australia

Praise God! November has passed, and with it, the last known local infection in Victoria which was on 31 October. Indeed, the hotbed of Coronavirus in Australia has died down, leaving the country almost at peace.

I thank God for the longsuffering endurance of the people of Australia – enduring social distancing and lockdown measures with surprising civility. I thank God for the courage of the Federal and local governments to enact unpopular and economically-harmful measures to keep the people safe.

Despite the apparent safety of the people of Australia, we must continue to pray. There is a long way to go until “business as usual” is achieved. First, we pray that the daily 4-or-so case spread around the country shall die down completely!

Second, we pray for the global health situation, that the Coronavirus pandemic around the world shall be quelled!

Third, we pray for the agriculture industry: Farms and labour-hire organizations (contractors) are used to exploiting tourists instead of hiring local talent, but the lack of tourism during this pandemic has resulted in a lack of exploitable labour. Presently, these organizations are refusing to cooperate with the Government to hire local talent to fill its shortfall of 26,000. As a result, millions of dollars of crops may go to waste in this harvest season.

We pray that God will change the hearts of the farms and contractors, to turn their backs on exploiting tourists and turn their hearts toward the plight of Australians. We pray that God will provide employment for those affected by the Coronavirus, and furthermore to comfort those who had already been rejected by farms and contractors. Finally, we pray for the environment, that the abandoned harvest shall not harm the land, and instead bring it rest.

Finally, we pray for the cooperation of governments and airlines, that Australia may safely and swiftly reopen its borders for education, trade, and tourism.

May God work mightily in Australia, may He bring the country back to its feet, and may they know that He is the only God who cares for them!•[2020.12.13]

By brother Caleb Liaw, HK611 co-worker