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Pray for Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that is compromised of a multicultural society that is made up of different ethnicities and religions. Although fragments in the society are evident because of race politics, Malaysian seemingly became more united in the year 2018 when the opposition coalition won the 14th General Election. This unprecedented victory brought an end to the authoritarian ruling party of six decades in which the ex-premier was embroiled in a financial scandal that rocked the nation and the world.

However, a splinter faction caused a shift in the ruling coalition in February 2020 which overturned the result of the federal elections effectively putting in place a new backdoor government. The political crisis is perceived as one of the main reasons for the lapse in containing the spread of COVID-19 on many occasions which resulted in the country’s partial lockdown and major economic downturn to this date. Despite the bleak outlook with an average of 2000 or so new cases per day since the start of 2021, the civil department has worked closely with the medical sector to contain more than 20,000 active cases and has successfully contributed to the high percentage of recovery rate.

We pray for protection over the medical and civil staff working in the front lines to be free from any ailments. O Lord, that You will strengthen their numbers and resources to combat this pandemic. We also pray that God, You realign the political and economic situation of our nation during this critical period by placing people of Your will in position, transferring power to the right people, and Your wisdom to be on the leaders to make good choices in balancing between controlling the number of cases and stimulating economic growth. May the hope of the people once again be restored in keeping ourselves healthy, strong, and vigilant. Not only that, we pray for a change in the attitude of employers to work hand in hand with the government to eliminate the virus once for all. In the name of Jesus, we proclaim a Year of Victory for our nations, Amen!

By Eunice Heng, 611 BOL co-worker.