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Pray for the Philippines

The Philippines is known as the largest Christian nation in Asia. Filipinos are heart-warming, hospitable and cheerful. Our nation is blessed with natural, beautiful sceneries, and a wide variety of foods that make it a wonderful place to live.

However, Filipinos have some traits that even until now are evident in our society. They are deeply rooted from our previous generations: the religious spirit and the poverty mindset. The religious spirit is evident as we can see many Filipinos put their faith and hope in idols, rituals and other religious activities, with the belief that these can save them. As such, they have never developed a true relationship with God. As the pandemic struck, many suffered from depression, loneliness and emptiness which has pushed some to crime and others even to suicide.

The poverty mindset is also evident: many Filipinos have difficulties breaking through struggles and difficulties in having high aspirations for themselves. As the pandemic struck, many suffered sudden unemployment, as companies and businesses closed. We have seen a lot of people complaining to the government, asking for aid and financial support. Many remain in poverty as they have a mindset to rely on government support – and otherwise turn to rebellion.

We pray for our nation, that we will be freed from the religious spirit, that we will only pursue and put our faith in the One True God. May our mindsets be transformed, and be aligned with God’s truth. God, May You take away our blindness and let us see the abundance and all the great things you have given to our country. Help us to be good stewards of all the gifts you have bestowed upon us. May You teach us to submit to our authorities as You guide our leaders: the government, our family heads, and the church in every aspect, as it was You who appointed them. Help them to lead our nation with Your wisdom, as we earnestly desire for your promised Victories this year. In Jesus Name, Amen!

By sister Maricel Atilano, Manila 611 BOL