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Prayer for Japan

Japan is well known as a rich nation, people are wellmannered, and the crime rate is low compared with other countries. However, the Japanese is very poor in spirit. We face many problems, but I want to focus on the recent increase in suicide rate and the Christian population that has not grown for a long period of time.

Among the developed countries, Japan has a very high rate of suicide.

Especially for young people, they lost their hope in this COVID-19 situation. Therefore, the rate of suicide for young people has increased in 2020. The atmosphere of society is more nervous because of COVID-19 and people in Japan are blaming each other and even themselves. Many people feel lonely and alone, because living by themselves is common in Tokyo. The idea that “Do not bother others” is strong in Japan. Even though they have many problems, they cannot open up themselves and ask help from others. The idea is also one of the causes of high rate for suicide in Japan.

The percentage of Christian is barely 0.47% in Japan. The churches in Japan are very weak. Due to oppression of many years, the churches have lost their hope. After being persecuted greatly 300 years ago, the churches really struggle to grow and hence the percentage of Christian population has remained very low all these years. Therefore, the Tree of Life and nutrients of 611 will give them hope and blessings.

Dear Heavenly Father, You see people in Japan, and never forsake them. Please give them your mercy and, open their spiritual eyes to see You. They do not know what they live for. Many people gave up their lives without knowing you. Forgive their sins of suicidal thought and forsaking their lives. May You break curses of generations. Thank you for Your love toward Japanese people. May 611 nutrients and the Tree of Life go to Japan. May You give light to the Japanese who are lost. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

By Miss Mami Unten, 611 BOL co-worker