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Prayer for the United Kingdom

This week, the United Kingdom has entered a difficult time as over 40 countries have closed their doors to British arrivals after mutant COVID strain was discovered. This new strain of coronavirus has increased the infection rate rapidly and may cause further lockdown of the United Kingdom in the upcoming holidays.

Father God, we come before you and we ask that because of Your Kindness and Faithfulness, You bless the United Kingdom and all who live in it. You have given the earth to the children of men. You have been mindful of them. Father God, may You bless the United Kingdom.

Father God, we pray for all the infected people in the United Kingdom, may You bring forth Your divine healing on them so that they may be recovered totally and fully. May You protect the frontline healthcare professionals who are faithfully and boldly serving and saving people. May the newly-launched vaccines be effective and of no side-effects.

The anti-virus measures have put a lot of people in isolation for a period of time, many are thus suffering from mental health issues. Father God, may You bring hope and comfort to all who are going through difficult time. Lord Jesus, may You be the anchor of their souls because You are mindful of them.

Father God, remember us because of Your kindness and faithfulness. You are our refuge and our ever-present help in times of need. Have mercy on us, O Lord.