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Prepare the Way for the Lord Jesus

Hallelujah, once again we are greatly thankful for the “Cruise Carnival ‘18” in which over 2,600 brothers and sisters, their friends and families and our branch churches built a super joyful “golden memory ball” together. This event made history in our church, being a great Gospel harvest before “9.16 Baptism for a thousand” and the largest scale carnival and an international family camp of our church. The men and the women, the young and the old, the family and the single all enjoyed the activities greatly, attracting even a Taiwanese Christian newspaper to send in their reporter. The “Cruise Carnival ‘18” was also a prophetic act taken […]

Quivers filled with Arrows

Praise the Lord as we encountered His Amazing Grace once again in the outdoor concert “For Your Glory We Fight” last week. Joining the two days’ spectacular outdoor concert, passionate worship services on Sunday and hearing the life testimonies of the youth participants of the concert, we couldn’t repress deep praise and gratitude for the young generation of our church today who has indeed risen up to pass on the vision. We are overjoyed having our quivers filled with arrows. A timid person like me requires extra faith to go for outdoor service, especially facing unpredictable weather. Rain had been […]

For Your Glory We Fight

Praise the Lord! This coming Friday and Saturday, the outdoor concert, “For Your Glory we fight” organized by the Youth Army will be held at the Hong Kong Cultural Center Piazza. It includes onstage dancing and singing, youth artistic booths, prophetic prayer ministry etc., livens up Tsim Sha Tsui promenade. We are declaring to the whole earth the Glory of God – how wonderful is the God we believe in and how the youth in Christ are full of vigor! How thankful I am seeing the “Youth Army” who is with this spiritual capacity to be largely used by God. In the early days of 611, […]

Go! Go! Go!

Last week, with a humble and clean heart, we celebrated the festive season by performing the Easter Musical, “Receive. Believe” and cleaning streets and beaches of Hong Kong through the “Little Donkey Action”. “Keeping God’s festivals” is the covenant between God and His people. “Three times a year all your men must appear before the LORD your God at the place he will choose: at the Festival of Unleavened Bread, the Festival of Weeks and the Festival of Tabernacles. No one should appear before the LORD empty-handed,” (Deuteronomy 16:16) God chose Abraham, and the descendants of him, the “Father of Faith”, Israel to establish His covenant and build […]

The Power of Resurrection

Hallelujah! Jesus Christ is risen! We who believe in Him bear the resurrected life which is full of hope! Today, not only are we joyfully celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we also spread the message of resurrection so that the whole of Hong Kong even to the ends of the earth shall hear of this great news and receive the resurrected life. Besides the upcoming “Little Donkey Action” which is to imitate Christ in serving with humility by cleaning the countryside and cities of Hong Kong over the Easter holiday; this Sunday, we will get on ferry and coach, passing through Victoria harbour and major streets […]


After last Sunday service, C-Mo and I went to Taiwan, joined by three of our disciple couples, organizing “The Intimate Opponent Conference” for over fifty pastor couples. Launching the new book “The Intimate Opponent”, we shared about the “Couple’s Boxing Ring”, “Four Mountains for the Husband”, “Four Mountains for the Wife” and the truth of “Shekinah Ladder”. How thankful we are that through “The Intimate Opponent”, God reveals to us the mystery between couple relationship and the Glorious Church in a more profound way. The next day, taking few pastor couples from branch churches and disciple churches for a stroll, we explained in depth to them that the clashing […]


The Taiwan High School Basketball League (HBL) semifinals took place last week. With the success of HBL in recent years, it has attracted coaches and people related to basketball from different places. Our close friend Yong-Ren Senior High School Women’s Basketball Team (below as “Yong-ren”) has got through to the semifinals for five years in a run. Despite securing confidence from many, the young warriors were unable to stand the pressure and thus lost the game. Yong-ren has won the HBL championship twice before, some of her players were selected into the Chinese Taipei Women’s National Basketball Team, their competency is beyond question. Last few summers, they underwent training […]

Nothing Is Too Hard for God

Praise the Lord! Our first English musical “Return in Victory” in Purim concluded in thanksgiving and applause, bringing 154 new believers to Christ. The mighty hand of God is inevitable as He turned this “Musical” into “Miracle”, a display of His Glory. It was not merely a new endeavor but its impact is far greater than we could ever imagine! From North Point Pier era, we have begun restoring the Biblical festivals, this Esther musical was our fourteenth production. From the first hasty one to the highly professional performance (by all non-professionals) this year, we are moved not only by every creative production, but most of all, knowing that […]

Return to the Blessed Way

Praise the Lord that since we started to reinstate the celebration of Biblical festivals and staged the Esther Musical  during Purim for the first time in 2004, in a blink of eyes, thirteen years have passed. This year, a brand new Esther Musical “Return in Victory” in English will be debuted. It is truly God’s grace. Esther Musicals of the past thirteen years were of great variety, performing languages changed from Cantonese to Mandarin, main actors included adult, youth and even children. Every time, they uniquely created the dance and acting with new highlights, those were precious memories and experiences of ours. This year, the musical will be […]

The Intimate Opponent

Praise the Lord for the enthusiastic response to the new book “The Intimate Opponent” which only came out last week. Some brothers and sisters even brought in tens as the Chinese New Year gifts. [Editor’s Note: Only a handful of the first  edition is left, please get it quickly.] Starting from 11th Feb until 18th March, excluding the Purim, C-Mo and I will head the five service messages, themed, “New Wineskin Marriage: Solution comes from the boxing ring” based on this book. The night we received “The Intimate Opponent” hot off the press, C-Mo and I were so exhilarated that champagne bottle was propped in celebration. It took […]

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