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Fear not as God Is with Us amid Pandemic

The daily number of confirmed cases keeps surging amid the severe pandemic and everybody tries to stay at home. It’s inevitable to feel confined and anxious. However, no matter how the pandemic develops, we fear not, for God is with us. He will surely care for us!

Last Sunday, we heard from two families how as they looked to God, worshipping Him, they brought down His presence despite the predicament of quarantine. A few weeks back, a classmate of the eldest son of Jeshua, our co-worker was infected. Therefore, Jeshua’s family and the whole class with their families were quarantined at Penny’s Bay, which was nicknamed, “Painful Bay”. They were caught off guard by this sudden news. Yet, by God’s Grace, Raelin, a church sister happened to go to Penny’s Bay with her family at the same time. It was because one of her painting class students was infected. Hence, they set up a WhatsApp group named “Jehoshua Worship Team” and supported each other throughout their stay.

The whole team prayed and worshipped in the group, with trumpet-blowing, banner-waving and prophetic paintings. They did not feel lonely and instead, were filled with joy. Jeshua mixed and edited trumpet sounds and worship songs to make videos and uploaded them online to share with group members. They declared that Penny’s Bay was not “Painful Bay” but “Praising-God Bay”. They connected themselves with God and experienced deeply God’s presence and salvation. Moreover, they brought blessings to Penny’s Bay.

The family of five of Jeshua had to stay in two separate rooms for ten days. His wife Deborah took care of their second son and youngest daughter which was very challenging as the second son has special needs. However, she kept praying and God granted her much help and peace. Sister Raelin had to stay alone in a room as she was considered a close contact of the infected student. So her husband Henry had to take care of their daughter alone. Thank God that His grace was sufficient for them to go through such a difficult time.

Though the world is filled with difficulties, Jeshua and Deborah as well as Raelin and Henry were empowered to face them when they took up the role as parents and they could even help other team members. God calls us to be the head and not the tail, so I encourage every family to take up their role at this very moment to help others, bringing comfort and faith. Cell groups are to help one another and bring the gospel of peace to those in financial need and in fear and anxiety.

We earnestly hope that all the difficulties will be over in Purim, the day of turning defeat into victory. Now is the time to pray. Let’s enter into the 40-Day Fasting and Prayer right at where we are and God will open the floodgate of heaven and carry out His salvation.■【2022.02.13】

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