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Praise God Who Gives Us Victories

With a heart of gratitude and praise, I bid “Victories 2021” farewell, welcoming the New Year. Looking back at 2021, I stand amazed at how God has made many of the impossible possible. He has given us victories upon victories so we are to give Him thanks after thanks!

It’s been two years since the pandemic broke out and for a great part of it, physical gatherings were not allowed. The church was made to have online broadcast of morning devotion and Sunday services. There was a photo of me on stage facing the empty Mercy Seat, with outstretched arms and a heart longing for brothers and sisters to come back. I was desperate and heavy-hearted just as a father waiting for his children to come home.

Thanks to our faithful and merciful heavenly Father because He heard our prayers. On March 25, we read in the morning devotion that “Tomorrow, by the time the sun is hot, you shall have help.” (1 Samuel 11:9). I received from God and declared that physical gatherings would be resumed shortly. Right on the following day (March 26), government measures were issued. This made physical services possible on the Good Friday Service on April 1! It was deeply moving seeing brothers and sisters coming back to Mercy Seat with a longing heart. In God’s presence, we offered Him our worship, praise and prayer. God is doing wonders among us and leading us to triumph over circumstances.

Moreover, physical gatherings have continued ever since their resumption. We even held a Pastor Ordination Ceremony on October 10 and experienced miracles again. The day before the ceremony (Oct 9) and two days after it (Oct 12), there were two typhoons attacking Hong Kong. Thank God for His protection, the ceremony was held successfully in the presence of relatives, friends and numerous guests. On such a joyful and warm occasion, we were filled with God’s love and greatly thrilled.

Over the whole 2021, the pandemic has been severe around the globe. Yet our days are in God’s hand. He carries us on eagles’ wings, leading us through difficulties. We did as the occasion demanded by God’s power and held four baptism services in the second half of the year, bringing the number of people baptized this year to 567. This surpasses the number in 2019, before the outbreak of the pandemic. It’s all God’s wonderful work.

Dear brothers and sisters, God has truly led us to have victories upon victories amid adversaries. In the new year, let’s continue to follow God closely with a heart of gratitude and praise. Surely, we will continue to experience God’s power and kindness!

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