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Follow God and Fly high together

Thank God! Last Sunday was the day the Lord had made – the day of Sydney Favor 611 Commissioning Ceremony. Pastor Barnabas, the senior pastor-to-be and his wife Dily are going to fly high!

Back on January 26, 2019, C-Mo and I flew to Australia, joined by some co-workers. It marked C-Mo’s birthday as well as Australia’s national day. Hence the national flag was up everywhere which was just like a warm welcome to us. That trip was filled with miracles and we had a strong sense that God had made a way. So we decided to commission Barnabas and Dily to be their senior pastors and Sydney Favor 611 was set up at that time.

Three years have passed, Barnabas and Dily have faced numerous hurdles – the work visa issue and then the pandemic which has ravaged for two years, making it impossible for them to fly there. However, God has been preparing their lives over these three years. Whey they turn from a twisted way to an upright one, restoring all broken relationships restored, the time to fly comes!

Eighteen years ago, Barnabas and Dily returned to Hong Kong from Europe to become our co-workers. Their lives were wounded and twisted. Barnabas was filled with fear. Once I arranged him to share his testimony and he fell ill immediately and had to be sent to the hospital. He had been unable to receive wholly the love from me and C-Mo for many years. Their relationship with their original families was broken. There were high walls between them and their children. Thank God, under the Tree of Life, their lives have been healed and restored. In the past three years, their lives have undergone an enormous transformation.

Last December, Barnabas and Dily shared the message of the resurrection of Lazarus on Sunday service. Dily talked about the restoration of her relationship with her mother, whom she had not contacted for eight years. They made breakthroughs in their relationship with children, now they can be open to each other. Recently Barnabas had his relationship with his mother restored. Finally, they are able to receive God’s love and the love of authorities. They are ready vessels now.

When our lives are transformed, we are walking on God’s timeline. On the first day of our 40-Day Fasting and Prayer, Australia announced reopening of its borders. Immediately we arranged the commissioning ceremony to be held last week. The date of the ceremony fell right on the third anniversary of Favor 611! It is God’s hand on all these, not ours.

Dear brothers and sisters, in Isaiah 49 shared by pastor Barnabas, we are told that it’s God’s will for us to revive the whole earth and He has chosen us. Together, let’s follow God, be transformed and fly high![2022.02.20]

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