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God Takes Us to the Ark

As the pandemic spikes, our services have gone online again since January 7. Reluctantly, I came to this decision with our two prophets on January 6 after seeking God together. Amazingly, the government announced the suspension of physical gatherings of churches the next day. This shows us that God is leading us and His salvation in our midst.

The first message of this year was “Jehoshua 2022”. Actually, I had prepared to preach on peace from Psalm 122. But when I found out that it was different from what the prophets had received from God, I sought God again. Encouraged by C-Mo, I went back to Psalm 22 and received the message of “The Lord saves”, which has become a great help for our brothers and sisters in troubled times. As an apostle, I am willing to listen to our prophets as I believe that they have been sent by God to help me. God sent me back to Hong Kong twenty years ago to work for Him and He also sent them to help me.

When we follow God, He leads us Himself. We experienced His leading once again last Thursday, January 6, during our monthly prayer meeting. Originally the meeting was scheduled on the second week this month. However, we heard that the pandemic was getting worse. Hence, we decided to forward the meeting to the first week. The news on the pandemic came one after the other. Thirty minutes before the prayer meeting, we held another urgent meeting when the prophets received that the church will be closed again. Without delay, I decided that all gatherings would go online as of that Friday. We also led the whole congregation to pray for Hong Kong at that monthly prayer meeting.

Unexpectedly the next day the government announced that churches should suspend physical gatherings immediately. It confirmed what we had received was truly from God’s leading. Looking back, if we had suspended physical gatherings in a rush after the government’s announcement, our brothers and sisters would have been in fright and would not have been at peace as they are today.

I would like to offer God my thanksgiving. It’s not that we are special that we have some insights to be ahead of the government’s decision. Rather, it is simply God leading our church all the way through. I am grateful that we are able to follow God with our prophets together. Our decisions have been confirmed by God one by one after we receive revelation from God with the prophets together. That makes us know that God’s salvation is in our midst.

Dear brothers and sisters, the world feels like a great storm to us. Yet God has made our church still and at peace just like in the Ark. “The Lord saves” this year – with the Ark as a sign and a red line above it. May it be rainstorms or floods, we keep following God. Despite any distress, His promises never change. In 2022, let us experience God’s salvation together!■【2022.01.16】

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