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“Jehoshua2022” The Lord Saves

Thanks be to our faithful God who has led us to triumph again and again amid trials in Victories 2021. Entering this year, I have received from God the theme of my message to be “Jehoshua 2022”. “Jehoshua” means “the Lord saves”. Recently, the pandemic is surging, causing turmoil. Yet we will surely experience God’s salvation this year!

At the end of last year, I was reading Psalm 22, seeking God’s message for the New Year. Sensing that the future would still be hard, I was tempted to change to Psalm 122 in the hope of giving a message of peace. However, our two prophets also received from God that 2022 would be a tough year. Then I decided to submit to the leading of God and continue with Psalm 22. Receiving the message of “Jehoshua”, I preached it on the first Sunday of this year. Coincidently the first service of 2022 fell on January 1. God delivered His message of salvation on the first day of this year, showing that His salvation is sufficient for us every day.

Thank God this time I was not delivering the message solo. Instead, I was joined by a team of co-workers who are serving with their Being. In just three days’ time, they presented the message in different art forms, dedicating it to God. The creative art team made an emblem of “Jehoshua 2022” in pin-and-string form, showing the ark, the red line representing salvation for the nations. A worship team leader composed the song “Jehoshua” as led by the Holy Spirit. As she sang and dedicated the song to God on stage, her celestial voice touched many. In the dance after the message, two angels let a long piece of red silk down on the dancers, which turned their sorrow into joy, thus representing the salvation that would bring people hope. Finally, Pastor Deborah prophesized to the countries and regions where our branch churches locate. In this way, all 611 branch churches worldwide received God’s revelation with us.

I believe that God was well pleased with our presentation in unity. On the morning of this Tuesday, I saw a red line in the cloud on the sky above Ting Kau, paralleling with the red light (red line) on Ting Kau Bridge. The heavenly red line seemed to serve as a confirmation of the earthly one. A red line symbolizes God’s covenant, demonstrating that God’s salvation is real!

Dear brothers and sisters, let’s follow God by faith together despite the difficult circumstances. I proclaim that we will enter into the ark and experience God’s all-round salvation in 2022!■【2022.01.09】

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