Morning Devotions

  • 18/01 (Mon) Proverbs 27
  • 19/01 (Tue) Judges 13
  • 20/01 (Wed) Judges 14
  • 21/01 (Thu) Judges 15
  • 22/01 (Fri) Judges 16
  • 23/01 (Sat) Psalms 122
  • 25/01 (Mon) Proverbs 28
  • 26/01 (Tue) Judges 17
  • 27/01 (Wed) Judges 18
  • 28/01 (Thu) Judges 19
  • 29/01 (Fri) Judges 20
  • 30/01 (Sat) Psalms 123
* Morning Devotion(Tuesday to Friday 7-9am)


Following God

Be a True Leader: Open to Confess Sins
Today, the world situation is hard: we are still struggling due to the pandemic, and our finance is suffering. But as long as we keep following God, we will surely have victory upon victory! Read more

Mama's Kitchen

Victories 2021 Duck duck new-year dish
C-Mo mama led her children to cook onion duck, sharing healthy tips. Let's get ready for the happy Chinese New Year! Read more

ANEW Sermon

Submission before Victory
Joshua 5:13-6:27
Preacher: Pastor Ruby Kwok Read more

Prayer for Nations

Prayer for Singapore
The nation is becoming increasingly materialistic, and many Singaporeans are concerned with pursuing wealth and money. Read more


True fellowship in Discipleship (2)
Let us hear from Pastor Joshua as he continues to share tips on discipleship Read more


Impossible River, Incredible Wonder
Praise God, ANEW has turned 9 years old! What a joyous celebration we had! Read more

Mama's Living Room

The mode of Tree of Life
Being brought up differently, how do we find common ground after marriage as we are under one roof? Let's hear the wisdom of C-Mo on her home-visit Read more

Seer Sees

The joy and tears of the seer|EP12
In this last episode (oh no... we will be missing it dearly). The seer shared with us her joy and struggle (very moving sharing) Read more



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